SAT & ACT Tutoring

In-Person or Online

Doing well on the SAT and ACT is a matter of matching your individual strengths to the concepts on the exams. Developing strategies that favor your personal learning style will make all the difference on test day. Our tutors help you do just that.

Method Test Prep's SAT & ACT Tutoring Options Provide:

Expert Tutors - Our tutors are intelligent, dynamic SAT and ACT experts. All of our tutors are recruited and trained by the very team members who founded MTP and created its strategies.

Personalization - You don't have a "typical" student. Therefore, we don't have a "typical" curriculum. Our tutoring approach is focused toward every student's individual needs, with personalized pace and content.

Expert Tutors - Being a student means balancing a busy schedule. We know how tough it is to fit SAT and ACT prep in between academics and extracurricular activities. That's why we offer tutoring in-home, at our center in Plainview, and over the web. Our tutors do their best to help you fit prep into your calendar.

Subject Tutoring

In-Person or Online

Sometimes, in-school instruction isn't enough for your student to truly master the coursework. Whether your student needs help preparing for regular exams, SAT Subject Tests, AP or IB exams, Regents, midterms, or finals, Method Test Prep provides exceptional one?on?one tutoring.

Method Test Prep's Subject Tutoring Options Provide:

Curricular Expertise - Because Method Test Prep was founded on Long Island and is run by a team of individuals who themselves attend high school on Long Island, we know what's taught in your students' classrooms and how it's taught. This means we also know where students tend to get stuck, and can apply different teaching methods to help our students jump those hurdles.

Convenience - Our in-person options and web?based platform allow you to access our best subject tutors anywhere. We try to be as flexible as possible to accommodate your student's schedule and needs.