Evan Wessler

Evan is a 2009 graduate of Bucknell University, where he obtained a biology degree summa cum laude. After beginning a Ph.D. in Biological and Biomedical Science at Harvard University, he withdrew from the program to pursue teaching and leadership opportunities with Method Test Prep. Over more than ten years with MTP, Evan has taken on many roles with the organization, including teaching, managing the tutoring team, developing educational content, and expanding the reach of Method Test Prep’s private tutoring services. When he isn’t working, Evan enjoys running, reading, cooking, and spending time with his wife, Mia.


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  • ACT
  • SAT
  • Math
  • Biology
  • Chemistry


  • Online
  • In Person


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Bucknell University


  • Sue K — March 2020

    My daughter who is a high school junior worked online via Skype with Evan Wessler since Fall for the ACT. He worked with her weekly and we could see her confidence growing from session to session. Every now and then, we had to reschedule as she got busy and Evan was beyond understanding and flexible. He would send me updates via text and/or emails and weekly assignments for her. And he ALWAYS had answers to her questions and helped to alleviate any anxiousness. Stress built up during the school year for her as a junior. Evan understood the school stress combined with studying for the ACT. He would often encourage her and say you got this. He didn’t guarantee anything except that he would teach her everything he could on each subject. He sure did!! His knowledge and expertise in Math and English is truly exceptional. She took her first test and some nerves seemed to get to her. She got a decent score in the 30s but both he and she knew she could do better. Excited to say that she took the most recent ACT test and she is DONE! Beyond ecstatic with the results!! She could not have done this without your A++ tutoring! Thank you thank you!! Evan, you are the BEST!!

    Mona Sengupta — January 2020

    Both my children studied with Evan Wessler for their ACT . I don't think I could have asked for more from a tutor . Evan was encouraging, patient, persistent and lenient when required. He was honest and clear in his reviews ... Needless to say, my children had top scores, one of them a perfect 36.
    Thank you Evan !

    Meeta Nagpal — 2019

    Evan Wessler of Method Test Prep is an outstanding SAT and ACT tutor! He coached our daughter five years ago, and when we needed SAT tutoring for our son ,we didn’t even think to consider anyone else. Even though Evan had moved out of state, he was equally effective on Skype. Evan motivated our kids to reach their maximum potential....our son received a near perfect SAT score! Thank you Evan and Method Test Prep!

    Rob Dircks — 2019

    I expected moderate improvement from Method Test Prep for my son, but was pleasantly surprised how much he got out of the process, and how well he did on the ACT. And Evan was an outstanding mentor. Highly recommend.

    Heather Waldman — 2019

    Method Test Prep was an extremely valuable resource for both of our children. With the hectic schedules of high school students, the online/skype resource proved to work best by allowing both our children to efficiently fit in the necessary tutoring needed to prepare for the ACT. The sessions were uniquely customized based on the different needs of our son and daughter. Evan went above and beyond to connect and offer them the confidence needed throughout the process.

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