SAT/ACT Self-Paced Program

$199 $149

The best value on the market today. For only $199 we provide you with a simple to use checklist that is broken down into 15-minute tasks.

Your subscription expires when you graduate from high school.

The beauty of the self-paced program is that you can build the work around your schedule. There is a total of 25 hours of preparation (each for ACT and SAT) that can be spread out over two days, two months, six months or even a year. Take your PSAT in the fall, your SAT/ACT in the spring and you still have time to prep for a second SAT/ACT in the following fall if you choose to retake it.

The checklist is built with students in mind. Each lesson is less than 5 minutes long and contains examples. There is also an audio component so you can listen as you scroll along. After the lesson, there is a short quiz so students can practice the strategies they have learned. All quizzes contain immediate feedback including a video, audio, and written explanations.

  • Full-Length Practice Exams
  • Video Lessons
  • Audio Explanations: Over 1000+
  • Video Explanations: Over 500+
  • Number of Vocab Words: 500+
  • Number of Totals Questions in Program: 2500+


  • Accessible From Any Device
  • Audio, Video and Written Explanations
  • Easy to Manage 15 Minute Segments
  • Vocab Builder
  • Study Guides
  • On Demand Quizzes
  • Bonus Videos

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