Method Test Prep Scholarship Terms and Conditions

By applying for a Method Test Prep, Inc scholarship, you agree to these terms:

  • Unless noted otherwise, you must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident to be considered for Method Test Prep, Inc scholarship awards.
  • You may apply for more than one scholarship, and you only need to enter one application to do so. Entering additional applications will not increase your chances of being selected.
  • You must provide your mailing address so that we can send you paperwork to complete if you are selected as a scholarship recipient.
  • To be awarded a scholarship, a recipient must enroll at an accredited college or university located in the United States. Scholarships proceeds will be remitted to that school during the summer before the student attends. The summer before the recipient attends the college or university, they will need to complete a Payment Form that says which school they will be attending, and specifically where at the school to send the award payment. If this form is not completed, the award will not be disbursed, and the recipient may forfeit the award.
  • By applying for a scholarship, the applicant grants Method Test Prep, Inc permission to post their name on Method Test Prep, Inc or in other marketing communications in the event they are awarded the scholarship.
  • Scholarship recipients will be required to submit a current photo and submit a publicity release granting Method Test Prep permission to use their photo on Method Test Prep, Inc and in other marketing communications.
  • In order to ensure a fair and equitable selection process, Method Test Prep may retain the services of a third-party scholarship administrator to select and notify scholarship recipients, to verify recipient information, and to remit scholarship proceeds to an accredited university or college. Method Test Prep, Inc and/or its designated third-party scholarship-selection service have sole discretion of selecting scholarship recipients.
  • Method Test Prep, Inc reserves the right to change the scholarship programs at any time, including available scholarships, deadlines, requirements, award amounts or other program details.
  • Your information is safe with us. The Method Test Prep, Inc Privacy Policy applies to all Method Test Prep, Inc scholarships.
  • Scholarship winners will be contacted by FedEx or U.S. Mail within six weeks of the scholarship application deadlines and may also be contacted by phone and e-mail.
  • If winners do not reply by the date specified in the FedEx or U.S. Mail package, Method Test Prep, Inc reserves the right not to award the scholarship to the winner, and to award the scholarship to another applicant or to redistribute the scholarship award dollars to another scholarship.
  • See eligibility requirements for each scholarship for more details.