Example Title

We are a growing [company type] company based in [company location] that offers its employees [best 3-5 things you offer candidates].

The Company: [Company name] is [detail about your company candidates will like] and [second detail about your company] and is known for the great care we take with clients and employees alike.

  • Our [detail about your business candidates will like].
  • We believe in [something your company believes/your company’s mission].

The Position: We’re looking for [position name]. The pay range we’re offering is [give pay range].

  • We offer [benefit you offer employees].
  • We also [another benefit you offer].


  • [A short list of the most essential requirements].


  • [A short list of key responsibilities].

The Location: [Company name] is based in [city, state]. This is a great place to live because, [reason 1], [reason 2], [reason 3].

[You may also consider talking about why the more specific location is great, i.e., close to public transportation, great area for getting lunch, etc].

Why Should You Apply?

  • [Reason 1 – ex: Top industry pay.]
  • [Reason 2 – ex: Great benefits.]
  • [Reason 3 – ex: Reasonable hours.]
  • [Reason 4 – ex: Opportunities for on-the-job training.]
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