Bring Small Group SAT & ACT Tutoring To Your School

Professional Tutoring For Your Student Body

Method Test Prep’s Expert Teachers are Here to Help

Online and in person, Method Test Prep’s proven tutoring approach can help the students at your school achieve better test scores and improve overall study skills. By bringing our tutoring programs to your school, you’ll see an increase in test scores as well as overall academic performance.

Our experienced teachers can help students meet the ACT and SAT requirements and unlock their strengths to perform better on the test and in school. By focusing on the subject matter needed for each test and teaching specific strategies, our tutors can helps students at all levels master the test.

Method Test Prep’s unique and time-tested approach is based on years of experience. We’ve developed the effective teaching methods and learning techniques that can make an impact for your students.

Method Test Prep’s Tutoring Programs:

  • Flexible – For schools, we offer in person or online small group sessions for students to help them find the best fit for their budget and academic goals.
  • Targeted – Sessions are focused on key subject matter areas to help improve scores, as well as helping students develop personalized strategies for success. With personalized support, students are more likely to perform better.
  • Led by expert tutors – Our SAT prep and ACT prep teachers are led by Ivy League graduates and are in high demand locally. They stay up to date on changes in the test, and know how to unlock each individual student’s motivation to succeed.

Tutoring can help your students understand the ins & outs of the SAT, ACT or PSAT. Give them the opportunity to maximize their scores and improve their study skills with Method Test Prep’s unique tutoring programs.

Individual and group tutoring sessions can be booked online or for groups of students at your school.
No matter which type of tutoring you’re interested in, we’re here to help. Make test prep a part of your school with Method Test Prep’s expert tutors.

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