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Unsure of where to start your SAT/ACT prep? You've come to the right place! Take a look at our free classes, study guides, and other great prep resources below.

SAT & ACT Study Guides

SAT & ACT Study Guides

These SAT and ACT study guides are great tools for students to use when preparing for test day. Our team frequently takes the SAT and ACT to ensure that these resources are always up to date. These packets contain all of the concepts that will appear on each exam along with strategies for how to best approach each section of the test.

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Free 60 Minute SAT & ACT Prep Classes

Learn the secrets of how to best approach the SAT & ACT and score at your highest potential.

Test Prep Webinars

Recorded Classes

Test Prep Resources

ACT Week

Starting on January 29th and running through February 5th. Take advantage of our five amazing classes to help you prepare!

eBook: Think Fast

Taking a standardized exam like the ACT is like trying to win a race.

eBook: Impressions of the June 2014 SAT

We want you to know everything involved in taking the SAT.

Educator Roundtable

Are you trying to figure out how to bring Method Test Prep into your school? Join us as your peers and educators share their very own insights.

Quick Demo of Method Test Prep

Watch a quick overview of how Method Test Prep helps students prepare for the SAT & ACT.

eBook: How Technology Can Help Test Prep

Learn more about the advantages of integrating a technology based test prep solution at your school.

Help Students Avoid These 5 Most Common SAT & ACT Mistakes

Help your students significantly improve their score by avoiding these common mistakes.

Making an Effective Leap From the PSAT to the SAT and From the PLAN to the ACT

Learn how to use results of the PSAT and PLAN to prepare for the SAT & ACT.