Teacher-Led Online Test Prep Classes to Prepare Your Child for Exam Day

Our teacher-led online classes are designed to give your child the exposure that he/she needs to score at his/her highest potential on test day. These classes provide insights into each section of the exam along with test taking strategies that will make all the difference come test day.

The SAT & ACT are actually very predictable tests, which means that how your child approaches these tests is just as important as understanding the concepts in each section. Our classes are designed to address both of these areas, ensuring that your child has the confidence needed to improve his/her scores.

Our online classes are:

  • Convenient - Classes are available on any internet-enabled device, allowing your child to access the class from any location. Beyond that, all classes are recorded so even if your child misses a class, he/she can still attend at any time!
  • Effective – Our classes have helped students around the world to raise their SAT & ACT scores. 80% of our students have increased their SAT scores by over 120 points and ACT scores by 3 or more points.
  • Affordable – Live Classes start at $50 and recorded classes are available for $35 – an absolute steal!

Top Teachers Give Your Student the Edge on Test Day

Our SAT and ACT online classes are taught by top teachers with an Ivy-League background. These teachers frequently take both the SAT and ACT to stay up-to-date on the concepts that your child needs to know.

They have a strong understanding of the subject matter, but also know the right strategies for approaching each section of these exams. We understand that all students learn differently and know how to help students adapt strategies for personal use. We will work with your child’s strengths and offer advice for how your child can capitalize on these strengths come test day. It’s the next best thing to have a live-in person tutor!

Whether your child is a junior looking to take the test for the first time or a senior looking to raise his/her score to get into a dream school, these classes will get your child where he/she needs to be. We’ve put all of the best test day strategies into our online classes and will work with your student to personalize these approaches. Get your child the personalized support that he/she needs to score at his/her highest potential!

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